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The International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana USA

January 10-14, 2015


Thank you for presenting educational content for the 15th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2015).

IMSH Program (pdf) - this file contains full course descriptions, including faculty, floor plans as well as descriptions for all exhibitors.
IMSH Quick Guide (pdf) - this file contains a full schedule and the names of all exhibitors
IMSH 2015 Agenda Builder - web tool to allow you to reserve your spot in the courses
Sample Room Sets (pdf)
Faculty Power Point Template

Important Updates

Presenter Registration
Upon your arrival at IMSH, please proceed directly to the Faculty Registration section of the IMSH Registration Desk, located in the main lobby of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.  You will be asked to confirm your disclosure at that time, pick up your registration materials, and confirm any remaining payment details.

IMSH Presenter Center
Put the final touches on your presentation, get AV assistance, upload electronic files into the IMSH Presentation Server, and get help with all of your presentation needs in the IMSH Presenter Center, located in Rooms 215/216 on the second level of the Convention Center.  The Turning Technologies ARS Team will also be available in the Presenter Center to help.

IMPORTANT!!  Bring your own laptops!
Please plan on presenting your electronic presentation files (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc) from your own laptop at the meeting. Projectors, sound, microphones and screens/monitors will be provided in every classroom.  It is important that you also bring the appropriate adapter for your laptop to be used to connect to the LCD projector.

Template for IMSH 2015
You may utilize the IMSH 2015 Presentation Template when creating your electronic presentations. The template is not required, but is appreciated. If you choose to use a format other than PowerPoint, please contact to obtain any necessary design files. 

In addition to reserving your seat in courses you wish to attend at IMSH 2015, we would ask that you also reserve your seat in courses you are teaching.  This will more easily enable you to receive credit for your participation as faculty.  All of the course capacities have been set with this in mind, so you won’t be taking someone else’s seat!

Required Verbal Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationship
Note that on the second slide, you must list any financial relationships that are relevant to the content being presented. Your cooperation with this requirement is essential, as we are now required by agencies providing our Continuing Medical and Continuing Nursing Education to verify whether or not verbal disclosure was made at the beginning of each presentation.

If you have financial relationships that are not related to the topic you are presenting, you do NOT need to disclose those relationships to your learners. 

If your financial relationship is relevant to the content you are presenting, you must verbally disclosure this relationship at the beginning of your presentation.  In addition, you must indicate how you’ve adjusted your content to avoid the introduction of commercial bias during your presentation.  For example, you may state that:

  • “I am covering topics other than those represented by my relationship with (Name of commercial entity).”
  • “I will not be presenting this content in a promotional manner.”
  • “I will not endorse (name of commercial entity) during this presentation.”
  • “Another faculty member is covering content related to this commercial entity.”

Should you have any questions regarding your disclosure and its relevance to the content you are presenting, we can assist you upon your arrival onsite.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this important requirement!

Promotional Activity Restriction & Non-endorsement of Commercial Entities
Endorsement of commercial entities, products, goods and services is not permitted in learning sessions that award contact hours.  This will be strictly enforced. 

In addition, if you are using equipment or materials for instruction during your course, you must refrain from endorsing those commercial products or companies.

Use of Institutional and SSH Logos
It is acceptable to have your institutional logo visible and displayed on electronic presentation materials in a non-promotional manner along with the SSH Logo.  We encourage you to use the IMSH 2015 presentation template as a reference.

Audience Response System (ARS)
If you would like to utilize an Audience Response System (ARS) during your presentation, and haven’t already made arrangements with Turning Technologies, please contact the SSH Office of Continuing Education at once.

Session Overview and Learning Objectives
Your Learning Objectives and Session Overview must match what are currently published.  The degree to which you adhere to your published learning objectives will be measured by your learners in their course evaluation.  You can check to be sure these items are consistent on both the IMSH Agenda Builder and in the online PDF of the final course program.

Room Sets
All rooms have been assigned.  You may locate your assigned room in the Quick Guide, Agenda Builder, or in full program book.  Floor plans of each room are included at the top of this page for your reference.

Questions?  Contact or phone Kathryn Adams, Director of Continuing Education, at 866-730-6127.

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