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Dear SSH Members,

During my President, and now Immediate Past President, year, the SSH Board of Directors has taken a deep and foundational dive to review and focus the SSH mission. This was achieved in two steps: first, to describe SSH’s purpose, which Harvard Business Review describes as an organization’s philosophical heartbeat, describing the enduring and overarching “why” of its existence to audiences external to the organization. Approved last year, SSH’s purpose is to “serve a global community of practice enhancing the quality of healthcare.”

The next phase was to update our mission statement according to the definition: The mission is a formal summary of the work the organization does, both now and projecting into the future. The mission statement is to provide focus for members and describe how we aspire to achieve our purpose.

I’m pleased to share with you here the SSH Mission Statement, recently approved in April 2018.

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare:

  • Serves our members by fostering education, professional development, and the advancement of research and innovation
  • Promotes the profession of healthcare simulation through standards and ethics
  • Champions healthcare simulation through advocacy, sharing, facilitating, and collaborating

With this statement, SSH addresses three levels of work. The first is an individual level, fostering the many facets and stages of members’ needs. The second level pertains to evolving the profession of healthcare simulation as a whole. Finally, the third level, achieved through individual, group and organizational effort, is championing healthcare simulation for all our current and potential stakeholders, and all those who currently and could potentially benefit from our efforts.

SSH’s strategic goals, which Joe shared with you in an earlier newsletter, were created under these principles. I hope that the purpose and mission will be similarly energizing for you and your teams.

Christine Park, MD

Immediate Past President

SSH 2018

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