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As you know, the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) is committed to providing you with the resources needed to deliver impactful and effective healthcare simulation experiences.


In that light, I wanted to remind you about the absolutely amazing Healthcare Simulation Dictionary (Second Edition). Available in more than 10 languages, the dictionary is a valuable tool for anyone involved in or around healthcare simulation!

This comprehensive dictionary offers a standardized vocabulary for the field, ensuring clear communication and collaboration among educators, learners, researchers, and other stakeholders. Here's how the dictionary can benefit your simulation programs and the broader healthcare landscape around you:

- Improved Communication: Standardized definitions for essential terms like fidelity, debriefing methods, and simulation modalities ensure everyone involved in your simulations is working with the same understanding. This fosters a more efficient and effective learning environment.

- Enhanced Program Development: Leverage the latest additions, including 40 new terms and expanded definitions that reflect current practices in healthcare simulation. This ensures your programs remain relevant and address evolving needs.

- Streamlined Research & Training: With clear definitions readily available, the dictionary facilitates consistent terminology use in research and training materials, leading to improved data analysis and interpretation.

- Global Reach: The dictionary is available in multiple languages (with more translations in progress), allowing you to bridge communication gaps and collaborate with international colleagues.

Download your free copy of the Healthcare Simulation Dictionary today and unlock its potential to enhance your simulation programs:

We encourage you to share this valuable resource with your colleagues. By adopting standardized terminology, we can all contribute to a more unified and effective healthcare simulation community.

And… coming sooner than later … version 3.0!

Until next time!

Curtis Kitchen, CAE
SSH Director of Marketing

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