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Jim Mooney

Mooney, James

My name is Jim Mooney, and I am the chair of the Low Cost, Low Resource (LCLR) Affinity Group. Clinicaly, I am a pediatric anesthesiologist and pediatric pain specialist. I am currently transitioning my practice to Atlanta, Georgia (United States).
My focus in simulation is on developing techniques to create patient specific simulants using rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D printing, casting & molding and laser cutting. Besides simulants, I hope to demonstrate do-it-yourself (DIY) production of a 3D printer and a device for testing simulation materials. I hope these techniques would allow centers nationally and globally to either create or acquire the simulants they need to prepare for any pediatric situation. I'm also a strong beleiver in open source methods, and hope to share my work in the literature as well as in files available for download. 

Vice Chair

Jack Wells, M.D 


Jack Wells, M.D serves as vice chair of the Low Cost Low Resource affinity group.He has been a member of SSH since 2011. Professionally he is on faculty at the University of Missouri Family Medicine residency program in Columbia, Missouri, where he holds the rank of Associate Professor.He recently earned CHSE certification. His interests in simulation are training residents and medical students to appropriately evaluate unstable patients in the hospital setting, and to train family medicine residents to perform procedures in the office and inpatient setting. He also has an interest in finding ways to meet the simulation training needs of those working in low resource environments.


Low-Cost & Low-Resource Affinity Group

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The SSH Board of Directors approved the formation of the Low Cost & Low-Resource Affinity Group in November 2013.  

Our Mission: To enhance patient care by directly addressing the challenges in providing simulation-based training with extremely limited resources.

Our Goals: This group will support the work of individuals and organizations who work in low-resource settings and wherever cost is considered the primary barrier to implementing simulation-based learning. 

This affinity group will be a forum for members to explore the full range of cultural, programmatic, pedagogical, technological, as well as the cost barriers that prevent the successful implementation of simulation in low-cost ways or In low-resource environments.

Our goals include, but are not limited to:
• identifying and sharing knowledge about existing low-cost solutions
• promoting active collaboration between industry partners and the end-users in low-resources settings
• fostering the development and sharing of open-source and DIY solutions
• connecting potential partners (both individuals and programs) that may benefit from economies of scale
• promoting research that explores the efficacy of low-cost solutions and programs
• supporting the development of IMSH programming that focuses on low-cost programs or that take place in low-resource environments.

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